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Hear me as I unfold
A tale of true woe
My love of life ran cold
Two thousand years ago
On a hill called Palatine
In a royal banquet room
The man I thought was mine
Said our marriage would end soon
The child that I carried
I'm sure that he heard me cry
I could hardly speak because
My throat it ran dry I asked him why

Would you leave me
I can't believe what I have heard
Would you leave me
I need you to say the words
You won't leave me
I'll forget what just occurred
Don't you leave me
Don't you need me

This life I have sustained
Thru an ancient cosmic art
An image has remained
Upon my broken heart
As is on this coin of gold
Is the face I would caress
He seemed both brave and bold
The earth he did possess
The last time I saw him
He followed me thru the streets
Though he'd conquered kingdoms
He wept from the defeat
That we couldn't meet

Did you love me
You let someone else decide
Did you love me
Who was to be your next bride
Did you love me
You couldn't look me in the eye
Did you love me
Did you love me
Don't you love me
Don't you love me

I still love you
You'd heard that I'd passed away
I still love you
They said you wept again that day
I still love you
Two thousand years and I still say
I still love you
I still love you
I'll still love you
I'll still love you