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The moment I meet her
That moment I'll be sure
She is the one for me
For all eternity
I haven't met her yet
I weep cause I must let
Fate bring her here somehow
I wish that it is now
You know that....
Love may
Sneak upon you one day
You'll that someone and say
Please marry me
And when she says that she'll agree
Bright rainbows
Fill the sky and you'll know
Heaven's where you did go
The one you see's
An angel, Oh, most certainly
You'll both be happy spending hours
Holding hands and picking flowers
Saying to each other 'Dear,
I'm so glad that you are here'
And then you
Discover how you tend to
Worship her thru and thru
You slip her notes
That are filled with loving quotes
Now they say love's not always sunny
It can be sad, it can be funny
Love is all that it can be
When it finds a fool like me