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If it were up to me
I'd get to know you better
Your sister, I hope she
Will forward you this letter

Sonya said you're twins
By now to me you're famous
She won't say where you've been
But I know what your name is

Your sister
She told me that she can't find
Your picture

You are blessed
She said she looks just like you
At her best
Would I hear In your voice
Evenings of grief
What love thief
Stole all that you had lived for
No other man hurt you more
Poor Alicia

I'll bet since you were a child
You kept your dear daddy riled
When you played hide and seek
Didn't you peek

Are your eyes
The finest jewels of jade
That have cried

Have you fought
Thru tragedy and illness
While you sought
The truth that
Exists in
This brief dream that
We live in
Could you say you never will change
Cause you are never the same
Reign Alicia

Never a care about money
When I'm mad you think it 's funny
Are you starring every day In your own play

You know you're
Related to a Goddess
I miss her

Your sister
She never let me hug her
Or kiss her
In whispers
I impart
Secrets hidden
In a heart
I begged her not to break she
Mustn't know that you heard from me