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She'd stolen my heart when I
First saw her my heart it cried

My heart
She made off with
My heart
It seems I've lost
My heart
I guess she stole
My heart I pray
That I'll have hers one day

My heart
Where will she go with
My heart
What will she do with
My heart
Why does she need
My heart she has a ton
Of bleeding hearts that she has won

They say man's organs
Especially the heart
It's just the same as the ape's
Though their brains are smaller
Below their collars
They have a heart that never breaks

Mien Hert
I didn't insure
Mon Coeur
Without it I can't
Give me a heart
A lover never has to mend
One that won't break
But only bends

One thing that I learned
You can get heartburn
It happens when you overeat
You can't have enough of
That girl you love
Cause she causes your heart to beat

My heart
Can't eat can't sleep ya know
My heart
Need her/want her/got to have
My heart
I don't/want to/be alone
She's holdin' my heart at bay
Me corizon nes no viva
She's taken my, my heart away
She's brakin' my, my heart I say
She's stolen my heart, my heart away
She's stolen my heart away