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by Dav Ero

She's got a pretty face
You see it everyplace
Her hair looks marvelous
Even when it gets mussed
She has such flawless skin
Her waist line is so thin
She gets paid scads and scads
For those cosmetic ads
The runway's joy and pride
She's fashion deified
The invitations pour in
To all the hottest events
Where paparazzi they beg
For her to look in their lens
Police rope off the street
She models for ELITE
She's booked all over the globe
She's constantly on the run
She'll wear a heavy wool robe
Beneath the Sahara sun
And she can take the heat
She models for ELITE
She shoots by day
And clubs by night
She is the fairest one in sight
On the dance floor there have been
Fights when guys try to cut in
Her photos are fabulous
No matter how she is posed
The famous do her make up
Sheíll grace the cover of Vouge
For her they will compete
She models for ELITE
She has to be on her guard
Because some weirdo he seeks
To make her his lovely bride
He's sent her presents for weeks
These problems she'll defeat
She models for ELITE
She rollerblades
With headphones on
When pick up artists tag along
They always get their egos hurt
Cause she leaves them in the dirt
She suffers from glamour's glare
But she won't make any fuss
Someone with beauty like hers
Could not be anonymous
And she has no conceit
She models for ELITE
A Belgian royal crown
Invites her to go paint the town
His Highness he will have to wait
She took her doorman on a date
They drove around in her sports car
And partied with some movie stars
Despite the crazy hours she keeps
She always gets her beauty sleep