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I saw her on a magazine
And my whole body shook
When I spoke to her that night
I learned that I mistook
A letter that's disguised as 'o'
It really is short 'a'
If beauty had a formal name
You'd pronounce it this way
Sonya Lynn
That's how every love song should begin
And never end cause love won't die
However many years go by
I had no chance to ask
Who you are
Cause I was floating up among the stars
And languishing in perfect bliss
I kept wondering am I dreaming this
And at that perfect moment
My heart flew
Back down to earth so I could be with you
Sonya Lynn
A form of loveliness that's from within
Without you I would never know
How deeply feelings could begin to grow
How much another spirit means to me
I dream about us and I'm constantly
In fear of others that I know pursue
The one I love cause all I want to do
Is live thru
Sonya Lynn
Not to love you that would be a sin
Not to need you would mean that I am
Just the shadow of a real man
But my heart's reached the point
Where I must say
I want to marry you
Right now, today
Your golden wedding band
It may be thin
But tells the world
That above all men
I'm to win