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Ya heard of Super Woman
I met someone who
Has greater super power
You know she'll come thru
On any thing she sets her super mind to do
Nothing out there can defeat her
It's a super thrill to meet her

I feel as though that all my life
I've known ya
Every guy that meets ya wants to own ya
Super Sonya
      ( Super Sonya )
Sonya, not
Mary, Margaret, Theresa, Kate or Joan ya
Know that science couldn't ever clone ya
Not Super...
Sonya's an exquisite sight
You want to dream of her all night
Not a bad word can be said
About what she's done
She's the only one
That I know of who's
Middle name's 'Virtue'

Now Sonya
Compared to you a diamond's just a stone ya
Make each chair ya sit in your own throne ya
Rule Sonya
Rule Superduper Sonya

Sonya's the reason men write
All poetry that's a delight
Her portrait outshines all the rest
The Mona Lisa moans
Cause she doesn't own
The smile Sonya's got
It's something God has wrought
Oh!, Sonya
Now I'm too shy to say this
When I phone ya
I've got a heart that I would to loan ya
Please take it, Sonya
( She's got me hooked on pins and needles )
Don't break it, Sonya
( Her voice is a song by the Beatles )
Don't break it Sonya
( To everyone she's a sensation )
You broke it Sonya
She's the ultimate creation
      Super Sonya