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by Dav Ero

I never ever thought I'd meet a Superstar
Dey say that out in Hollywood
Is where dey are
I'm lucky cause I didn't have to go dat far
I met her in the house of Venus
It's her fame that came between us
Everywhere you go the spotlight's on ya
Signin' autographs for all your fans ya
Superstar Sonya
Appearin' at the festival in Canne ya
Party on way past the break of dawn ya
( Sonya give / Sonya live )
Sonya she means more to me
( Sonya dove / Sonya love )
Than the rainfall it means to the sea
( Sonya bless / Sonya yes )
She's the earth, she's the wind, she's the fire
That burns in a heart
She broke from the start
My mind's sick with her
I hope there ain't no cure for
So tall and temptin' with that tropic tan ya
Get me high like smokin' on the ganja
Superstar Sonya
( Sonya us / Sonya me )
Sonya is a symphony
( Sonya say / Sonya we )
Composed of divine melodies
( Sonya do / Sonya true )
Performed in the sweet of love
I am just a man
In a reggae band
I have reverence for
Music I adore ya
Not Joe, J.B., Georgio or Kam ya
Tellin' everyone you got no man ya
Superstar Sonya
Let me be the one to take ya
Superstar Sonya
To my estate down in Jamaica
Superstar Sonya
The place it needs a little paintin'
Superstar Sonya
There's runnin' water
When it's rainin'
Superstar Sonya