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by Dav Ero

Explain this to me
It's something that can't truly be
In a secret space
I found a statue
And she had your face
Though she is made of stone
If I waved a magic wand
When she came to life
To your name she would respond
Of one thing I'm sure
You must be related to her
Inscriptions proclaim
That she is a goddess
With nearly your name

The beauty she has
It stayed with her all these years
The sculptor he was
Someone who was revered

While excavating relics
In the hills of ancient Rome
I chanced upon a doorway
Just beyond St. Peter's dome
Thru an entrance to a passage
Leading to a secret shrine
Was a room held more value
Then the wealth in a gold mine

Placed in the center
Was a marble statue
With the name Vypsonya
I said now that's you
I felt as if I
Was looking right at you
On the floor in the dust
I found Tiberius on
The same kind of coin you showed me

Your sister Alicia now I've never met her
You said she's living off
Something you lent her
Is she for real
Or did you invent her
Marriage to you
Is a subject taboo
When you hear the word it makes you moan
I've never known
Someone who's shown
An interest in me
I've been alone
I use to grieve
Then I received
Attention from you that
That I could not believe
With your face and figure
You can put a hex on
Any guy out there
One look and he is gone
You cause a commotion
But you don't think it's wrong
You have your way
Cause us grown men play all
Those games that help keep you amused

It's the same news
Each time I choose
Someone to love
I always lose
Before I'm thru
You know I'll do
Whatever it takes
To build a shrine for you
It's a dream that I have
Where I lived long ago/ and I built a shrine in
secret/ for a love I had to show/ I was
reincarnated/ As a man who knew he must/
Reunite with his Vypsonya/ For I'm Tiberius