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The Sybil I did seek
The Sybil I did seek
To find a cure for
My sister's endless sleep
A helmet I wore
To enter
A deep cave
Aflame with incense
My future was foretold
From a mask of gold

You are Vypsonya
Wife of Tiberius
Your twin Alicia
Suffers from an illness
From this cave's entrance
All women they are banned
The consequences
You'll come to understand

In Baghdad is a man
By his hand
He turns sand
Into fine drinking vessels
Seek this ancient seer
One Khair
For the cure
Lies in his chest of metal
From Manoah's son
Locks were won
Evil done
To one Philistines wrestled
This talisman can cure
Your sister cause she's pure

Words held in my heart
Words held in my heart
Made up a mystery
To Persia I must part
And there find the key
To unlock a potion that

I turned to go but then
The Sybil spoke again

Hear me
Of this
You can
Be sure
The man you married
Will be

The noble you had wed
He was bred to be led
By one who is most ruthless
His conscience will be scarred
Though it's hard
He'll discard
Whom ever is deemed useless
In helping him acquire
An empire so desired
His vow had no truthfulness
By moon's orbit I see
An empress you will be

An empress I will be
Or did she say this
To satisfy me
For I had paid this
Prophet from my purse
With coins of silver
What's the value of one's life
As an emperor's wife

In want of a strong breeze
My boat it's oars crept
Thru the Aegean sea
And then I was swept
Along with the sand
Blowing towards Baghdad

The Sybil said had
A chest in which was stored
A balm that could cure
I reached
The city's walls
And searched for Khair
Thru the streets
His name was called
And soon he appeared
Darkness fell as I
Followed his footsteps
To a chamber where men die
Hidden there he kept
In an ancient box of lead
The hair from Samson's head